Miu and you can Kokichi provides a highly negative relationships, each other disliking additional heavily

Kokichi enjoys teasing K1-B0 on account of K1-B0 are uninformed and you can a robotic, thus and also make him a straightforward address. K1-B0 is very awkward having Kokichi for this reason and you can several times asks your to quit. Kokichi apparently refers to the robot due to the fact “Kee-boy”, even in the event the guy told you however rather end up being titled Keebo.

Although not, Kokichi will most likely not seem to have a malicious intention, when he looks truly searching for K1-B0. Their conclusion appears more like ignorance and simple bigotry, when he apparently considers crawlers interesting and “cool”, tsdates app but the guy believes they aren’t people, which means he will not eliminate K1-B0 particularly a genuine people. He or she is enthusiastic about K1-B0, wanting to be friends with “this new bot” and you can childishly going after him in an attempt to reach your, apparently maybe not knowing that their conclusion are unpleasant and you can condescending. He and additionally curiously asks about precisely how the fresh new bot characteristics, instance inquiring regarding the their personal pieces, and appears disturb if the answers are duller than he requested. He and wanted to score skyrocket punched because of the K1-B0, nevertheless the bot mentioned the guy doesn’t have for example function, which generated Kokichi most disappointed and you will inquire as to the reasons the fresh new robot actually is obtainable.

Kokichi continues to treat K1-B0 into the a discriminating and even more cruel fashion on the video game. He is likely to recommend K1-B0 need to do hefty works, as the he’s a robotic, and you may enjoys pointing out that he is not men. Once they go into the Neo Industry System for the first time, Kokichi nearly immediately slaps K1-B0, purportedly to test the way it operates inside the system. He usually raises how K1-B0 is different from the rest and you may is not a man, and you will points out their issues with facts human ideas. not, at the one-point, he appears undoubtedly amazed by proven fact that K1-B0 you are going to certainly discover people feelings.

The guy and additionally often insults the woman and you can phone calls the lady an excellent pervert owed in order to the woman sexual character

Towards the their whiteboard, Kokichi relates to K1-B0 as the “weird”, and you may considering their cleverness it will be easy which he was paranoid and you can skeptical out-of a robot during the an eliminating video game mode one rationally is to possess human beings.

Significantly, shortly after Kokichi’s death and you may reading their past terms and conditions from Kaito, K1-B0 is but one just who generally seems to accept that their passing away conditions was the fresh new truthful facts and never a rest. Considering their internal sound, he had been very likely correct.

For the added bonus mode Biggest Talent Invention Plan, shortly after paying three-years as Kokichi’s classmate, K1-B0 acknowledges which he considers Kokichi their buddy in the event he actually keen on their robophobia. Kokichi featured really shocked, however, quickly continued inside the common flirting trends, even when the guy plus pointed out that K1-B0 is fairly smart having a robot and therefore the brand new indicate some thing Kokichi informs your really cannot matter so you’re able to your.

Miu Iruma

She insults him from the calling your an effective shota and you may a perfectionist liar (on English type, she happens further of the getting in touch with him “lying absolutely nothing abortion”). Kokichi, therefore, is proven to be very annoyed and you can disgusted from the Miu, usually getting in touch with the lady by derogatory terms and conditions eg a whore and you may an effective cunt, extremely substantially an excellent pig, that could link back so you’re able to Kokichi that have a detest having “pig foot”, and proclaiming that she is things like unappealing, smelly and you can inadequate. Kokichi’s treatments for Miu appears much harsher than simply having other people when he normally seems legitimate when you find yourself insulting her, although are a good masochist, Miu will just possess the new insults. Inside her relationship graph, the guy purchases the girl to acquire on her behalf knees. Both are noticed insulting one another many times within the samples, which have Kokichi successful such discussions due to his healthier identity.