Very Typescript documents that need to be transpiled (therefore the almost all your panels) inhabit the src list

Very Typescript documents that need to be transpiled (therefore the almost all your panels) inhabit the src list

The simplest way to start off will be to stick to the methods placed in new “Actions to begin powering the latest Robot Emulator”. When this is complete and you can running, the best way to incorporate your posts is to try to create another type of dialog within the src/dialogs by duplicating one to off src/dialogs/advice, turn it consequently, and then instantiate it on the other people throughout the RootDialog.ts.

Really data beyond your src list is actually fixed documents put to own either setup or for providing fixed info to tabs, age.g. photos and you may html. At make date, Gulp will transpile everything in this new src index and set these transpiled records towards the a set-up directory. Gulp also disperse a number of static data files toward new create index. For that reason, it is recommended that absolutely nothing become altered of the a developer when you look at the the newest build index. Most of the change should be done for the “source” data files so reconstructing your panels have a tendency to enhance new create list.

The overall circulate for using so it layout is to try to backup/paste/create/make with the example dialogs throughout the src/dialogs/instances list, but to place your newly authored dialogs away from src/dialogs/instances index (both parallel with the src/dialogs/instances list or perhaps in this new listings of your). Similar to this, your own dialogs do not coexist on the example dialogs so if the amount of time relates to erase the brand new instances, one can only delete the latest src/dialogs/instances list. A long list of how to create this new dialogs and you may increase it venture are in brand new file src/dialogs/ regarding “Starting another Dialog” area.

It is a list to do some things

  • NOTE: When starting, setting “open with” into the file and you can index contexts can be helpful

This is certainly a catalog to do a few things

  • NOTE: definitely pin the fresh emulator into the task club just like the it does be hard to find once more

Within the VSCode check out the debug case to your kept front (ends up a bug) and click the newest gamble switch