How Do You Feel About Monogamy and Infidelity?

How Do You Feel About Monogamy and Infidelity?

The last thing anyone wants is to go into a relationship under the assumption that they’re both on the same page only to find out that they have radically different views on sex or, worse, finding themselves in an apparent bait-and-switch scenario

Most of these issues tend to result not because of any inherent perversity or flaw in one or both partners; it’s simply a matter of the fact that they’re sexually incompatible. They simply have needs that the other person can’t (or won’t) fulfill. They’re a square peg trying to fit into a round hole; you might be able to wedge it in there, but it sure as hell isn’t going to be a good fit.

It’s important for couples to talk with one another – especially early on in the relationship – to determine just wether or not they’re a match, sexually.

Do You Have Matching Sex Drives?

The most common sexual incompatibility that people run into is a case of mismatched sex drives. There is always going to be an imbalance in terms of libido – the odds of having perfectly matched sex drives are slightly worse than the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field in a busted-ass Corellian freighter – but it quickly becomes a matter of degree.

“Sir, the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are actually quite high! Asteroids are often many miles ap-“ “NEVER CORRECT MY METAPHORS!”

It’s one thing if one partner wants it every day and twice on Sundays and the other prefers it once a week. It’s another entirely when the partner with a lower libido wants it once a month if that. There simply isn’t a way to find a compromise that’s going to be satisfying to both partners; the mismatch in their relative horniness is simply going to be a bridge too far. […]