OkRecruiter or a lot of applicants: should applicant tracking programs be more like dating apps?

OkRecruiter or a lot of applicants: should applicant tracking programs be more like dating apps?

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How often maybe you’ve heard the “recruiting is like matchmaking” example? Should you’ve experienced the skill industry for longer than weekly or two, you have probably destroyed matter. But there’s a real reason for the determination within this contrast. You’ll find obvious parallels between your two worlds: Both entail chatting with visitors, evaluating their own recommendations, hoping to get a feeling of compatibility, last but not least bringing in them to the greater circle.

We definitely weren’t the very first types to generate this analogy, but we thought we’d have actually just a little fun with it and ask some skill professionals: Which internet dating application qualities do you want to discover within ATS? Whilst question itself are only a little silly, the solutions we had gotten provide some severe insights into where the realm of hiring is likely to be going.

Customary key phrase lookups can be somewhat heartbreaking

It could probably be the matching. – Neil Frye, Global Head of Recruiting, Dropbox

For a lot of employers, keyword online searches can be somewhat heartbreaking—you might think you have discovered some good candidates, yet it turns out they’ve learned tips sport the computer and stuff their particular resume with key words. Or, you have unintentionally remaining expert candidates out simply because of the way https://datingmentor.org/filipino-cupid-review/ they’ve preferred to describe themselves. Entelo discover, including, that men generally have 16percent a lot more keywords inside their resumes than females, which provides them an unfair benefit when recruiters make use of a keyword look means.

So that it’s much less shocking that skill masters like Neil Frye would like to read best matching possibilities within ATS, and some providers like Best and Entelo are upgrading to state that their options will find better fits while also opening possibilities to a wider range of prospects. […]