How to Tell if Someone is on Facebook Dating

How to Tell if Someone is on Facebook Dating

It is evident that the pool of dating sites/apps is only expanding nowadays, as the market for online dating is enormous and hungry for new, exciting dating apps/sites ready to be explored. Facebook also jumped into that pool with its launched dating service, offering great choices for seeking romantic connections as any other dating app does.

If you are also using Facebook Dating and want to know if someone is on this platform, perhaps your partner or a secret crush, you are at the right place because we are here to help you with that.

How to tell if someone is on Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating protects the privacy of its users and hides a user’s profile from his existing friends on their Facebook profile. So, unfortunately, a Facebook Dating profile cannot be seen by acquaintances under normal settings.

However, even if it seems impossible to tell if someone is on this platform, there are ways you can try to take action with full evidence.

Always check that person’s Facebook notifications

By now, you probably know that Facebook Dating does not have a separate app as it is integrated and part of a Facebook profile. This means that the notifications of Facebook Dating will be merged with the other regular notification that a person receives on this platform. […]