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ZNN KANSAS CITY- ANDREA holds a special place in our hearts. She shaved her head in Kansas City and had a profound effect on so many people, showing off her confidence as a BALD BEAUTY that inspired so many others to TAKE THE PLUNGE!!

Inside times of its initial appointment, Mary is actually powering the clippers all the way down the midst of Andrea’s head- such as Moved for the 60 seconds!!

Before Andrea’s haircut is courtesy, MARY requested if the ANDREA you will shave MARY’S head.
Two months later, in San Francisco, Andrea gave Mary her “BALD IS BEAUTIFUL” headshave, with the help of LOTS of barber attendees, inspiring more and more models to take the plunge and shave their heads!!

A day later, Mary and you can Andrea do help shave over 100 Bay area Policemen and you will Policewomen that have ruthless desire on Crop A cop haircut experience!!

ANDREA is really your face one to revealed a lot of shaves, and you can received in the process, 1000 Submissives worshipping in the ALTAR Off ANDREA!!
Mary went on to shave her head twice- in San Francisco and Chicago.

Each other Mary and you will Andrea driven one thousand SHAVES one to implemented- brave leaders and ambassadors from Bald Beauty- and you may yet another input our hearts!! […]