Just before studies we record turned one another biomarkers due to their skewed withdrawals

Just before studies we record turned one another biomarkers due to their skewed withdrawals

Fig step 3 Intercourse particular multivariable adjusted spline shape out-of relation between dairy intake eventually to help you passing out-of all malignant tumors and you may cardiovascular state (CVD)

Eventually, we put cubic-spline regression research to assess brand new relation anywhere between intake out of dairy, fermented whole milk, otherwise yogurt, mozzarella cheese, the fresh new pee oxidative fret marker 8-iso-PGF2?, and gel interleukin six. I modified the new rates to own age, bmi, energy intake, education (five categories), smoking position (never ever, former, current), and you may physical activity (five categories). The analytical analyses was basically performed which have STATA eleven.dos (StataCorp, School Route, TX) and you may SAS, version nine.step 3 (SAS Institute, Cary, NC).


Table 1 ? directories the characteristics of the data users from the categories of milk products intake. Imply consumption regarding whole milk from the baseline throughout the Swedish Mammography Cohort try 240 grams day as well as in the newest Cohort from Swedish Men try 290 grams a day. That have growing categories of dairy consumption the brand new claimed consumption for some most other nutrients, together with time intake, including increased, though alcoholic drinks intake had a tendency to drop off. There were basically short differences between categories of milk intake in muscles stature, dietary supplement have fun with, marital position, comorbidity, academic level, puffing reputation, and you will physical working out top.

Baseline features of females in the Swedish Mammography Cohort (1987-90) and males for the Cohort off Swedish Guys (1997) because of the categories of milk intake. Beliefs is actually amounts (percentages) unless mentioned if not

During a median of 22 several years of pursue-up-and step 1 231 818 person ages at risk from the Swedish Mammography Cohort, fifteen 541 lady died. […]