This site refers to the newest likes of your jesus

This site refers to the newest likes of your jesus

All these, yet not, come just throughout the ancient genealogies without associated facts. The greatest of your own love-mythology was the newest facts out of their fling to the deity Aphrodite. The two was basically aren’t portrayed along with her within the old ways–to such an extent you to she you are going to safely feel named their consort.


APHRODITE The newest deity out of like and you can beauty got an extended love affair that have Ares which endured during the course of the woman relationships so you can Hephaistos and you can past. She bore him four divine sons and you can a daughter: Eros, Anteros, Deimos, Phobos and you can Harmonia.

EOS The latest deity of your own dawn having just who Ares had an excellent short term relationship. She is cursed which have a rampant sexuality from the envious Aphrodite. No youngsters are said associated with the couple.

ERINYS TELPHOUSIA Just one of the Erinyes and/or goddess Demeter (who was simply titled the new Erinys of Thelpousa). She bore Ares the fresh new Drakon out-of Thebes. […]