The school regarding applied arts and you may technology built underneath the

The school regarding applied arts and you may technology built underneath the

An article-supplementary facilities outside of Canada where a minumum of one programs regarding investigation you to meet the requirements out-of subsection seven (3) are provided to possess deaf or tough-of-reading pupils

(2) On the purposes of clause (1) (b), that point regarding study of an approved system out-of research is actually the period of time your acknowledged establishment takes into account getting the standard college or university seasons for this style of system, as the determined by you to definitely establishment to possess educational intentions, that could become one or more academic words.

(3) The newest Minister of investigation for deaf or hard of hearing college students at a medication establishment known during the paragraph 5 out of subsection 8 (2) as long as,

(b) the actual only real otherwise dominating code off classes used in the program was Western Indication Words (ASL) otherwise Quebec Indication Words (QSL).

An individual signed up for a medication program out-of data in the an enthusiastic recognized organization try bringing the minimal requisite way stream towards the purposes of provides or college loans in the event the

(4) The new Minister out-of analysis if the program ceases to meet up the newest conditions established according to the Operate, conditions dependent by the Minister otherwise words created in people agreement entered to your for the reason for this new Minister’s recognition. […]